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Hello, dear friends!


Иван Евсеев – руководитель проекта «Готовые решения для бизнеса»

Ivan Evseev – head of the project «Ready solutions for business»

Pleased to meet you! If you’re on this page, it means you show interest in our project. Thank you for the interest.

So, a little about yourself. My childhood and youth were spent in the city of Mariinsk (Kemerovo oblast). After graduating from high school, graduated from the Mariinsky teacher training College on a speciality the teacher of initial classes with additional teaching of Russian language and literature from the 5th to 9th classes. But the life has disposed so that a teacher did not…

Currently live in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. Working in the mines. Beginning with the disciple GRP — LPA. To work, no matter heavy or light, always approached responsibly. Combining the work at the mine, entered and graduated from the University of technology in Kemerovo on a speciality the mountain engineer.

Currently working in the position of mine foreman at the tunnel site. During this time, learned profession underground miner, motorman suspended diesel-hydraulic locomotive, and sinker. What can I say, the work of a miner is dangerous, difficult and, unfortunately, low-paid.

Study and work — constant companions of my life. I am convinced that only continuous self-development in all spheres of life and forward motion, can make a person Successful and Happy!

Know that everything depends on desire and desire to action! This gradually led me to the Internet. And now, 5 years I earn online and I like it a lot. Here I found a lot of new and interesting. And most importantly, found their Way to Success in life!

Are the administrator of two sites, earn in the areas of investment and cryptocurrency. Develop your training system and the strategy of earnings on liabilities! In the Internet business in 2015. Today earn in proven projects, design of products to transfer knowledge and experience to those who need this right now. Promote web-based resources and business on the Internet.

Ivan Evseev


Валерий Ильенков

Valeri Ilenkov — main editor of the project «Ready solutions for business»

A few words about the joint project with Ivan Evseev. We’ve known each other for over two years. Met in the vast global network. Ivan has always fascinated me with his dedication and honesty, and most importantly – health.

So, briefly about yourself. Live in the Republic of Belarus (Minsk). Have higher education on a speciality the engineer — designer of electronic computers. After graduation, he worked at the factory of electronic computers in the field setup computer, and later was engaged in foreign economic activities.

In 1990 he established his business and is still engaged in their own business. Was engaged in commercial and production activities. Had a large-scale and successful projects. Walked the path of UPS and downs. Understand very well: one fell, he raised. All my life, on own and love. To live and work the way you want to rejoice the achievements of goals, to feel the necessity of surrounding people seems to be the goal of every person’s life.

I am convinced that today the future Internet technologies. Twenty-first century is the century of technologies. Industry Internet networks in the world today is rapidly growing and developing area of human activity. It seems to me tomorrow: most likely, even a grandmother, trading at the bus stop seeds, you will open an online store.

Today doing online business. Studied business network. Currently, doing websites, optimization and promotion, Internet advertising, affiliate programs. Develop have two channels on YouTube, create and edit videos. Had studied the work of many programs for video editing and WEB design.

Support the social movement on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Are a member of a community of crypto currency miners. Constantly trained, and work in the Internet.


Valeri Ilenkov

Узнал сам. Не забудь рассказать друзьям!

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