Mining cryptocurrency

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Mining cryptocurrency — computational processes in the course of which opens up new blocks of cryptocurrency, that is mining cryptocurrencies in the Internet space. Therefore, the miner is the one who extracts the electronic coin..

Mining on CPUs (for computer)

For mining can be applied as a whole farm consisting of many working day cards, blocks, boards and processors and home computers, laptops and even phones (smartphones). But don’t forget about the power of your device for the extraction. After all, the more powerful the computer, the more efficient the extraction. And the weak device is not even Cycling. It is recommended to use at least four nuclear devices, and the best six or eight nuclear with nice modern graphics cards.

Currently, the mining process is very popular, so a good graphics card is hard to find, you can get a used card, and it is risky. The process of pay back capacity is also not fast, can take anywhere from 3-4 months (at best) and more. If you have chosen the theme of mining on the CPU and cards, then you should be good to study it before running over capacity of stores

Cloud mining

But for those who are already very eager to the subject of mining, and does not have the possibility of buying farms and powerful computers out there. And that way is cloud mining. For this you can use any device with Internet access. You need to go to the service site providing the services of cloud mining, sign up and buy a power that will get you the cryptocurrency directly in your account this service. Very convenient, but here in most cases without investments not to manage. It is a kind of investment projects.

Now the Internet many services offer similar services, but we must differentiate between cloud mining from the pseudo-hash. Pseudo-mining is a notorious HYIP posing on the cloud mining. And to distinguish them sometimes is difficult, but there are popular services that work and pay its users for years.

These services are reliable and have proven themselves in the past few years
(click on the right image is the logo of the service): 


Cloud (or remote) mining

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