Articles of association

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1. General provisions:

1.1. The website «» organized in the form of commercial educational project, is in the Internet, is not a legal entity and operates on the basis of the present Charter.

1.2. On the website decided to chat on the most competent Russian language. The use of any other language is not allowed.

1.3. It is recommended to realize the responsibility for every your question on the website, as the Administration mypartnergroup devoting his time and attention to answer and if you read the response, but did not applied the recommendations in your life, then what sense was to ask such a question?

1.4. On the website it is customary to address each other with respect «You» regardless of age, gender, religion and other so-called social conventions.

1.5. As necessary, these rules are specified and complemented, the website users are notified in a timely manner by the internal distribution of the project.

1.6. Additions and changes to the rules come into force and take effect from the date of publication.

1.7. Violation of the rules will result in a warning, and in the case of gross misconduct – immediate and permanent ban of the offender and deny the ability to leave comments.

1.8. By registering on the website your account, you fully agree to our Agreement and Policy disclaimer.

1.9. Buying for money or otherwise learning materials on the website you accept the terms of the contract.


2. The main objectives of the project:

2.1. The fundamental goal of the project is to help users increase personal competence and competitiveness, which is implemented through the study of articles and training materials on various fields of knowledge posted on this website.

2.2. The creation of the most effective methods of self-education aimed at the development and strengthening of practical skills and knowledge that contribute to the improvement of the financial state and increase of social adaptation of a person.

2.3. Creating a community of harmoniously developed, United by one idea, goal oriented, ambitious, competent, positive and tolerant people. Moreover… to ensure protection of the interests of the community.


3. It is strictly forbidden:

3.1. To write translitom, ALL UPPERCASE or Combination of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters.

3.2. To provoke and stir up conflicts with any possible reasons.

3.3. Unconstructive criticism without arguments and justifications.

3.4. To find out personal relationship on the site.

3.5. To post messages of a pornographic nature.

3.6. Spam, flooding, trolling, and other provocations in even the most subtle manifestations. For it to be immediate and irreversible account lockout.

3.7. Pointless messages that do not contain absolutely no useful information, such as «join request», «+1», etc.

3.8. To place inconsistent with the administration of ads and links to do business through reviews on the website.

3.9. To place false information, and use dishonest methods of conducting discussions, edit (delete) their own messages to distort/hide their original meaning and introduce companion astray with false information.

3.10. Disclose any information about your account.


4. The rights of the Administration of the project:

4.1. Site administrators have the right to edit, move, delete comments that do not meet the rules of the project.

4.2. The administration has the right at any time and without explanation to take action against any account, until the blocking of its access and remove.

4.3. Administrators have the right to pre-emptive interpretation of certain paragraphs of the regulations of the Charter in the case of allegations of double meaning in such paragraphs from the user of the website.

4.4. The decision of the administration of the project shall be final and not subject to appeal.

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